Fully Electronic Weighbridges offer numerous advantages compared to conventional ones, namely:

  • Maintenance free, longlasting, consistent performance.
  • No moving parts, therefore no inaccuracy due to wear and tear.
  • Very low requirement of pit reducing civil (construction) costs.
  • Eliminating human error, better control on data processing.

  • Pit Less / Surface Mount WeighBridge

    Mountain in Highlands of Scotland

    Type WFEW-SM platforms are installed onground, and have JOISTS on the sides.

    Pitless Weighbridge is useful in areas where hazardous gases are present in the atmosphere, where the soil is rocky, and in low lying areas where water logging is a problem

  • Resolute Castle In Edinbourgh

    Type WFEW-PM pit installation to be flush with ground level.

    Pit type weighbridge occupies less space as the ramps are not required on either side.

  • >The Farming Life

    Weitex loadcells are ideal for all industrial weighing applications. Due to their utmost reliability, compact and robust, hermetically sealed construction, they are widely installed in weighbridges, hoppers, bunkers, tanks and cranes.

    Unique Mounting Mechanism.
    Better Accuracy and repeatability.
    Sealed to IP68 Standards.
    Easy access for installation and maintenance.