By using Wireless Data Transmitter you can monitor weighbridge transactions from your existing WEITEX Intelligent Terminal on your mobile / Windows application / Web application.

Wireless Data Transmitter

Features :

  • The system automatically scans the data and the required information is sent to your cell phone at a pre-determined time every day. Data can be sent to more than one mobile number (upto 5 mobile numbers) - Suitable for public Weighbridges.

  • This appllication sends every weighment transaction to predefined mobile numbers without human interaction.

Summary of Charges

  • Application sends weighment transaction to your customer's mobile number if required.

  • For standalone application we will provide two WDT's one is for weighbridge IT another one is for your personal computer. Both applications are communication through WDT. These applications work based on SMS service. Using this software you can generate any kind of report based on your requirement on your PC.

  • This software automatically scans the weighment transactions and required information is sent to our dedicated web server. You can login to our website ( www. ) and generate/ download reports based on your requirement. This application uses GPRS technology. The required information can be downloaded in WORD/ EXCEL/ PDF files. Unauthorized persons cannot retrieve or view your data in the server. It is highly confidential.

  • If there is a problem in the network or the server is down then our system detects the problem, stores the data in a personal folder and resends to the server / Mobile when the network or Server is UP.