Profitability with Highest Weighing Accuracy

If you buy and sell goods by weight, the accuracy of your Weighbridge is crucial to your profitability. Even Weighbridges that meet legal for-trade requirements can make costly weighing errors. The more vehicles you weigh, the more the losses add up.

SMARTECELL  load cells protect your profits by providing weighing accuracy you can count on. Each SMARTECELL uses an on-board microprocessor to monitor internal and external influences that affect weighing accuracy. By compensating for changes in those influences, the microprocessor enables each load cell to provide accurate weights in any environment.

Because analog load cells do not effectively compensate for these influences, they may produce a significant number of vehicle weighing errors that exceed 30 kg.


SMARTECELL maintains weighing accuracy by alerting you to problems within the network. If a problem occurs, it can be fixed quickly. Whereas with a conventional analog load cell system, you never know when a load cell or cable fails resulting in inaccurate weights which may cause you to lose money and customers in the interim.

Features :

  • Strong digital signal provides accurate weighing.
  • Profitability with Highest Weighing Accuracy.
  • IP68 watertight load cell.
  • No analog-to-digital converter boxes.
  • Electronics protected and hermetically sealed.
  • Simple and inexpensive installation.
  • Predictive diagnostics simplify troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance and repair are quick and easy.
  • Robust Design prevents power-surge damage.
  • Convert existing Scales to a SMARTECELL scale.