WEITEX SL-90 HK is a state of the art intelligent terminal which is designed to provide a single work station where weighbridge data is processed against suppliers, materials etc. This Firmware is developed indigenously by WEITEX using single weight digitizer for applications in weighing operations.

The concept involves development of diskless workstation which should be ideal and best suited for hot and dusty environment prevailing in coal Mines, Cement plants, Chemical Industries etc., and also way - side Road Weighbridges.
SL-90 HK basically replaces the personal computer, as far as weighing operations are concerned.

Sl-90 HK IT

Features :

  • Modular Form

  • EPSON/TVS Dot-Matrix Parallel Printer.

  • 1MB Data Storage Memory.

  • Real Time Clock with alarm for every hour.

  • 20 character dual line Vacuum Fluorescent display for user interaction.

  • PS/2 Keyboard compatible.

  • 25mm height 7 segment Red led display for Weight Indication.

  • Output for remote display. (Optional)

  • Wireless Data transmitter to transmit data Online through GPRS,SMS to Cell Phone and Stand-alone PC. (Optional)

  • Online UPS to support indicator & printer during power failure. Battery backup for 20 hours (Approximately) with single 12V 100Ah battery.