Weitex is a manufacturer and exporter of Automatic Weighing and Bagging Station, Microcontroller Based Weighing Machines, Commercial Weighing Machines, Electronic Weighing Machine and Digital Weighing Machine. Our company produces these products by using best technology and raw materials. Despite the fact that we use good quality raw materials, prices of the products are reasonable and affordable for the customers. These machines are user friendly and easy to use for all.

The time has come for high precision and high-speed weighing and bagging machines to reduce weighment losses and contribute to profits. Our new generation Microcontroller based electronic weigh-bag filling machine is equipped with two filling speeds namely coarse and fine to achieve the desired goals.


Features :

  • Three load cell based Weighing system.
  • No moving and rotating parts.
  • PS/2 key board for data entry and retrieval.
  • 25mm height 7 segment red led display for Weight indication.
  • High accuracy and high output.
  • Consistent accuracy irrespective of bin levels
  • Two speed filling mechanism.
  • Auto tare / Auto zero function.
  • Auto inflight correction.
  • Password protected program.
  • Report printing possible.
  • 20 x 2 character dual line vacuum fluorescent display for user interaction.
  • Selected weight , No.of bags and total nett displayed on VFD.
  • Universal power supply from 75VAC to 280VAC

Applications :

The machine is used with Sugar, Rice, Food Grains, Plastic Granules, Minerals, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Feed Stock and all free Flowing Materials.