WEITEX 2K12 intelligent terminal is a rugged and sleek system specially designed for use in harsh and dusty environments. The software has been developed in such a way that it fulfills most of the requirements of weighbridge data management. This is a RAM/ Rom based system and does not have any rotating parts such as hard disc and hence gives you trouble free / reliable performance. This intelligent Terminal can drive any size of LCD/LED/CRT monitors and is suitable for all weighbridge platform sizes. This IT can compatible for accessing wireless/wired IP cameras.

2k12 IT

Features :

  • Large Data Storage - 1 crore records in standard configiration.
  • One crore records helps you to retain data for many years without need for purging.
  • Graphical user interface - Easy to Operate.
  • It is simple to use and extremely user-friendly. The main screen allows you to navigate to the various functions.

2k12 IT

  • Full ticket and report view.
  • Flexibility and customizable options make pre-printed stationary adjustment easy.
  • Predefined Reports are available to satisfy all reporting needs.
  • Reports can be run using various parameters to support users with detailed analysis of their business.
  • Devotional chanting music is played in idle mode - upto 20 chants available.
  • Any USB compatible keyboard.
  • Any USB compatible dot-matrix printer.
  • 25mm height 7 segment Red led display for Weight Indication.
  • Online UPS to support indicator & printer during power failure. Battery backup for 20 hours (Approximately) with single 12V 100Ah battery.
  • Output for remote display. (Optional)
  • Wireless Data transmitter to transmit data Online through GPRS,SMS to Cell Phone and Stand-alone PC. (Optional)

Wireless IP Camera's connectivity. (Optional)

2k12 IP Camera

  • Images of Vehicles are captured at the split moment of weighment and saved along with the transaction data
  • No theft possibility
  • Facilitate to check same vehicle at gross and tare
  • Loaded material verification
  • Vehicle fully on the platform
  • No extra load on platform
  • Monitor Real-time Weighment through reliable IP Camera
  • Monitor Offline Images of Weighment through Viewbill Option.